Corporate Social Responsibility

Personnel and Human rights

Omega Software Inc. is committed to providing respectful work standards for its employees and all its stakeholders. 

We believe that cultural and gender diversity within the workplace leads to more creativity and increased  output. Therefore  more than 47 % of our employees are women and come from different ethnic backgrounds. 

We are advocates and practitioners of equal pay and provide career opportunities to anyone who has the same vision as we do and can add value to our company.

Business Ethics

Ethical conduct and professionalism  are at the foundation of everything we do at Omega.  They help us build lasting relationships with our partners and customers.

We aim to earn our stakeholders ' trust and confidence by making communication clear, simple, honest and to hold everyone accountable for their actions.

We fight corruption in all its aspects and operate only in the light of legal, ethical and professional business practices.


We believe in providing our customers with sustainable POS Solutions that reduce the use of resources and eliminate waste in their operations, delivering new value to our society. 

For our customers, this means reducing the use of paper, reducing operation times, increasing efficiency and eliminating error.
At Omega we are implementing lean operations within every business division. We believe this will reduce our costs and benefit the planet.

We aim to provide great customer service. Your questions and comments are important to us and we look forward to hearing from you.
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