The ultimate Catering and Banquet Management Software made simple with O-live! Generate custom proposals, view a calendar of events, create invoices, track clients and prospects, calculate food costs, hire staff, build recipes, analyze profits, track payments and party equipment rental.


Our Catering Event Management Calendar is as easy on the eyes as it will be on your schedule. See all your catering events and the status of each order displayed across monthly, weekly, or daily views.

Food and Beverage Menu Selector

Create event orders and proposals in seconds by selecting menu items with the click of a button.

Setup and Service Wizards

Input setup and service requirements and generate checklists quickly using automated wizards. Manage equipment inventory, create packing lists and more.

 Automated Document Creation

Quickly generates proposals, contracts, event orders, invoices and other documents.

Create professional, customized letters that automatically insert desired contact and event fields.

 Kitchen order

Every order created automatically generates kitchen documentation for you and your staff. Print kitchen sheets for your kitchen staff and invoices for your accounting department with ease. Kitchen sheets can be printed one at a time or in bulk for a specified date range.

Customer Relationship Management

Maintain a comprehensive customer database including buying history, to prospect future business.

Financial Management

Instantly produce professional and accurate forecasts, invoices, aging reports, payment summaries and costs.
Generate reports and detailed sales and lost business analyses.