The Delivery System saves customer records in a file keyed by telephone number, so employees do not have to re-enter the customer’s information for reorders.
Advanced Search Function displays multiple addresses by customer, linked to Maps with zone distribution, verifies where the customer is located in the delivery zone, and assigns an automatic delivery charge by zone where applicable.

Delivery Functions

Customer information and order history is stored for easy retrieval: search using customer’s telephone number (Mobile, Home, Company, or other), customer’s name (surname, company name), or an internal code. 


Caller ID feature instantly loads the customer’s file to speed up service
The one-step “Recall Last Order” feature saves time
Automatic delivery charge on invoice
Multiple addresses by customer
Map displaying delivery route to customer’s location
Extensive customer database functionality allows you to retain significant information on your clients
Customer Black List Feature
Dispatching and Driver Status Monitor
Pre-orders can be entered for any future date or time, will be automatically sent to the kitchen without user intervention to ensure that the requested delivery time is met
Ability to manage and guarantee delivery times to increase customer satisfaction
Delivery Reports (Sales by Area, By Zone, Best Customer List, Not Active Customers, List of Birthdays, etc)

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Kitchen Monitor

O-live Kitchen Monitor system sends orders to kitchen staff instantly. Fully customizable order display screens simplify order preparation, ensure order accuracy, and decrease the average time it takes to complete an order, whether it’s for a quick service operation, table service, fine dining or even bars and nightclubs.... Up to 8 orders displayed on the screens
Customize order colors, fonts, size and display
Order time display
Beep sounds when an order is sent

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Menu maintenance

Maintain an unlimited number menu items
Use unlimited chains of modifiers
Maintain four price levels for a single menu item (e.g. Happy Hour price, price by Revenue Center)
Apply up to three different tax rates... Determine which menu items and modifiers are sent to the various preparation printers 
Easily design ordering windows
Interface to our inventory module for complete cost control
Make changes to large numbers of menu items quickly
Review critical sales information for individual menu items
Print menu item lists, price lists and modifier lists
Menu Engineering

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Customers' Service

Know your loyal customers (customer name on invoice, sales statistics by customer, best customers, customers grouping, customers merging, etc)
Set up multiple promotional offers to keep customers coming back

... Add Automatic Discount for your loyal customers
Set individual customer credit limits 
Marketing activities: tailor promotions by customer based on their triggers/preferences 
Fingerprint, RFID and Magnetic Cards interface

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Labor Management and security

Employee management and control is one of most important issues faced by the restaurants. O-live offers a complete solution to help you manage, control theft and identify your best and worst performing employees.... Varied Employee Access Levels for Improved Security
Detailed reports keep you in control: Void and Refund Reports, Item and Table Transfer Reports, No Sale, etc
Monitor Staff Performance: Order report by employee, Sales report by employee
Tips Management
Time and Attendance
Labor Cost
User Log
Fingerprint, RFID, Magnetic Cards interface
DVR Interface: Monitor your employees by comparing what is entered into the POS with real time action using the Digital Video Recorder interface

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Management Reporting

O-live offers over 500 reports for you to control and improve the work flow. The reports can be exported with one click to many formats including Excel, PDF, Access, etc. Your choice of reports can be automatically generated and sent by email at closing to managers and owners.... Tables’ Turnover 
Average Check
Time Reports
Sales by Time slot
Sales by Revenue Center
Bestseller Lists by Time and Quantity 
Menu Engineering
Comparative Sales (Daily, Monthly, Yearly)
And much more…

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Stock Management

The O-live Stock Management Module is a powerful tool that helps you increase your profit by controlling your cost of goods.
Four levels of Inventory Items grouping: unlimited number of Items, Groups, Divisions, and Categories
Multi-Location: unlimited number of locations within the same outlet for example Main Store, Kitchen, Bar…
Nine Levels of recipes for every menu item: e.g. Happy Hour recipes differ from the regular price item, different recipe for employee meals
Average Cost and Last Cost
Real Cost of Goods and Theoretical Profit by Item
And many more options…

Costing and Profit Control

Menu Engineering showing the Star, Challenge, Horse and Dog Items
Actual vs. Ideal Usage
Profit by Item Summary
Profit by Invoice
Highlights Price Fluctuation: Scroll Bar displaying in Green items with decreased cost, and in Red items with increased cost

Recipe Management

Maintain menu item recipes with an unlimited number of ingredient items
Analyze menu item sales, costs and profits with user-definable reports
Record plate costs and cost percentages for each price level
Real-time update of Inventory items quantity on hand, based on recipes

Digitized Inventory Management

Store data from purchase orders (including multi-currency) and invoices, including unit and average prices of each item, items expiry date entry, other costs (freight, custom)
Reorder Suggestions (minimum and maximum reorder levels with an automatic notification report)
Sales vs. Quantity Received
Price Variation Warning
Theoretical Consumption
Inventory Report
Stock Movement
Wastage Management (inventory items, sales items, employee meals…)
Transfer of items between locations
Variance Report
Quantity on Hand
Portable Data Collector
Store recurring transactions and recall them when needed

Product Request Module

Automatically converts your request list into a requisition or a purchase order

Expiry Date Management

Automatic notification of expiry dates by item


Production Management (sauces, dressings, banquets…) with automatic update of production items cost
Multiple Productions    

Sales Module for Inventory Items

Markup percentage on items cost, with four price levels: allows you to specify selling price by customer 

Corporate Solutions

O-live provides the flexibility and scalability to grow with your business, at a price you can afford. With the Corporate Solution you can run multiple restaurants with or without centralization and control the franchise.

... Consolidation of Sales and Inventory Transactions: generate comparative reports between Branches
Dispatch all the settings from the Head Office to all Branches: automatic in case of FTP or VPN
Inter-Branch Transfers Facility: automatic in case of FTP or VPN
FTP Module for automatic transfer of files between Head Office & Branches
Online customer balance update between Branches
Head Office Multiple Concepts Management 
Ability to view settings for a specific restaurant or for a group of restaurants: comparison views help to identify differences at a glance
Enhanced broadcasting features let you make menu and price changes for any restaurant or group of restaurants in real-time, at the end of the day or at any custom date and time

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