Restaurant POS Software Trends.

Restaurant POS Software Trends.

Old is gold, according to the famous adage. But in the restaurant industry, if you don’t keep pace with evolving trends and the latest advances in technology, you risk being sidelined or, worse, closing down. In that case, old will fold, guaranteed.

Stay in the know and leverage this year’s salient trends in restaurant point-of-sale (POS) software. You’ll streamline the customer experience, enhance your profits, and boost credibility in the marketplace. And that’s where the real gold lies.

Mobile Ordering POS Tablets

Long gone are those days when a waiter would come up to the table with a notepad stuffed in his apron, ready to scribble down your order sloppily. Save the chicken-scratch for the doctors, because in the restaurant industry, handwriting is so passé. These days, a server wields a mobile tablet and can input any and every preference, substitution, or cooking temperature effortlessly. The order is taken at the table, confirmed directly with the customer, and zap – immediately it arrives to the kitchen, where nothing is lost in translation. No need to straddle dining space and the heat of the cooking area. All disruption is eliminated, and servers can turn tables far more efficiently than before.

The other indirect advantage? Customers get precisely what they ordered, sans excuse.

Eye on Employee Activity

Let’s face it: at some point or another, an employee is going to lose your trust by engaging in workplace theft. Studies estimate that some three out of four employees steal on the job at least once while employed, which justifies the use of stealthy monitoring.

POS monitoring systems and employee theft deterrence can help you keep your cash in the register as you watch in real-time every transaction and suspicious activity happening under your nose. Furthermore, POS software can dispatch alerts and updates when transactions are nullified after close or when an unusually high number of items given gratuitously (“comp”) appears. What’s more, you can scrutinize employee productivity and inventory levels to ward off potential problems before they arise.

Customer Service Surveys

Your entire business exists because of customers. Why not understand their needs, wants, and expectations by going directly to the source? Again, handwritten survey cards are a figment of the past. Instead, hand a customer a tablet as she’s settling the bill. A feedback survey can garner ratings on things like restaurant cleanliness and ambiance; food presentation and temperature; and breadth of menu items. It can also probe whether the manager on duty visited the table, which waiter served the customer, and whether service was up to expectation. Before terminating the survey with the standard “How likely are you to recommend…” and “How likely are you to return…” queries, invite the customer to spell out any specific praise or complaint. Comments like these will help you earmark what you can do better.

Contributed by Danielle Issa.

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