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Showcase your menus in seconds.

Showcase your menus in seconds.

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Create an absorbing experience for customers with rich content and social media widgets. Whether you operate a fine dining, quick service or a delivery operation, we have got you covered.

  • Dynamic Digital Menu

    Print the O-Menu QR code on coasters to allow guests to check your menu when they’re at the restaurant

  • Advertise Special Offers

    Advertise time-sensitive special offers

  • Save money and the environment

    Stop using traditional marketing materials, like paper menus, flyers and posters

  • Use attention-grabbing images.

    Edit prices remotely, upsell specials, and promote events with O-Menu

  • Promote special offers or up-sell products By focusing on high-margin items. Could achieve 100% ROI within 6 months
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Trusted by thousands of restaurants and growing fast.

Food allergy on menu

Make the dining experience for every guest, including guests with food allergies , an exceptional one.

We recognize the challenges with dining out when an allergy must be considered. That’s why we are proud to offer this information to help you make an informed food selection providing the information requested regarding nuts or peanuts or any other allergen information as an ingredient on your menu.

Calories On Menu

Put calorie counts on menus.

Posting calorie information on restaurant menus may be influencing food choices throughout the day. Providing calorie counts on menus will make consumers more aware of how much they are consuming and can aid them in their efforts to stick to a restricted or reduced-calorie diet.

Calories On Menu

Pictures On Menu

Use attention-grabbing images on your menu and make communication easier.

Effective food photography builds your brand & drives sales

When you have pictures that show exactly what your customers can expect when they order an item, they’ll feel more comfortable ordering, and when you meet and even exceed expectations, you’ll drive repeat business. Professional food photography also drives more sales.

Customer feedback

Get feedback from your guests.

Getting customer feedback helps you identify and eliminate problems.

  • Improve your products and services
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Improve your team performance
  • Generate personal recommendation
  • Make better business decisions

Customer service

Streamline The Wait Times.

Don’t Make Your Guest Wait

Let's face it, people don't like waiting for their food, drinks, bill, or even the valet to bring their car. Simply enable the service tab on your digital menu and let them take action by calling the waiter, requesting a bill, or inform the valet to have the car ready.

How it works

QR Code Menu

Scan QR code from your phone.

Digital Menu

Check the menu directly on your smartphone.

Digital Menu Waiter

Call your server when you are ready to order.

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  • Optimize service quality, reduce errors and save time.
  • Let your guest call the waiters from his phone simply by pressing the "Need Help" button.
  • Let your guest request his Check quickly by pressing the "Need Check" button .
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  • One-on-one onboarding session
  • Training videos, Webinars and demos
Outstanding Support

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