training and consultation

Training And Consultation

We have been giving free training to all our customers since we started our business. We provide exclusive training for both managers and staff. We understand the importance of receiving the right amount of training so you can capitalize on your investment and feel confident operating and making changes yourself. The simple philosophy is "The more you know, the better it will go". We offer onsite and remoter training.

We Offer Personal Training And Consultation

O-Live Restaurant Management Software

Online/On-site Training

Whether you are looking for a full product training or just a training for a specific process. We will provide you free online/on-site training that meets your specific needs. We also provide training in our offices in certain dates and time; Chat with our support to know more details.

O-Live Restaurant Management Software

Omega In Universities

Students in many Universities and hotel management schools around the world have been learning our management software as one of their courses for years now, gaining an edge and getting ready to enter the job market.