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The outstanding support you've always wanted

The outstanding support you've always wanted

Omega Software Inc. provide customers with an unrivalled technical support service. A team of highly trained specialist individuals are on-hand to deal with any technical issues you may have. We place extreme importance on customer service and so it is our top priority to provide the best quality technical support.


Live Chat

One of the most convenient ways of getting in touch with Omega Support is the Live Chat. More than 100 chats are taken daily covering basic troubleshooting, product training, configuration and online implementation.

On-site Support

Our on-site support program is committed to providing professional, courteous, focused service in person at the client’s location. Our executives are seasoned travelers and have provided training and product implementation across the globe.


Our team of highly trained specialists are always available for you regarding Omega product issues.

Online Support

You can get a personalized one-on-one online demonstration of our product with our support executive anytime. This is perfect for someone who is looking for a more in-depth review of the product. Contact our support and we will be pleased to answer your every question.