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O-Market Retail Management Software

Move beyond complexity so your grocery store can really move.

From POS to back office to payments and beyond, we simplify and connect your operations so you can focus on your customers.

Thousands of retailers rely on Omega Software, and services because we cover everything to run your store. Inventory management, special offers your customers can’t resist, and of course the easiest and most practical loyalty program on the market.

Run your store, end to end


Run your store, end to end

with the omnichannel retail POS software.

Retail POS

Point Of Sale

  • Unlock smart retail data you can act on
  • Promotion and Special offers
  • Everything you need to process sales and get paid in one place
  • Loyalty management
  • Track end-of-day totals and seasonal trends with programmable sales reports
Omega Stock management

Inventory Management

  • Efficient purchasing that saves you time
  • Transfer and receive items between branches
  • Set reorder points so you never run out of stock
  • Order from multiple vendors with flexible purchase orders
  • Run inventory reports to track returns, negative quantities, unit costs and more
Omega Ecommerce

Online Sales

  • Unlock a new revenue stream that never closes its doors
  • Keep your stock movmeniing
  • Showcase your products in HD
  • Connect social media platforms to your shop
  • Track your online performance with daily and monthly reports

Made to Fit

From Inventory matrixes color, size to serial number management

Omega Retail management Color


The grid controls each item of inventory and delivers the vital information needed for management decision making.

Omega Retail management Size


Organize your complex inventory. You might sell jeans that come in several different sizes, styles, and colors. Organize them into matrix products to better track how each variation sells.

Omega Retail management Serial numbers

Serial Number

O-Market features serial number tracking capabilities so you can manage your stock and know where it is at all times.

Everything you need, in one place.

Discover More Features

Omega Retail Delivery


Manage your delivery operation with ease. Customer information and order history is stored for easy retrieval. Recall last order, automatic delivery charge based on geo location, multiple addresses by customer, driver dispatch and tracking, SMS you customers keeping them updated with their order status.

Omega Retail Electronic label

Electronic Shelf Label

Pricing Automation made easy.
Price changing by one click using the Omega interface with the Electronic Shelf Label.

Omega Retail O-Stock

Wireless Stock Taking

The solution is specifically designed to execute a paperless inventory through a cloud based application combined with mobile devices.
O-Stock dramatically reduces throughput time compared with traditional stock-takes and does not require major investments in hardware or software.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Bring customers back again and again.Build your own Loyalty Program. It takes minutes to set up.

  • Centrally managed customer profiles.
  • Know your customers better with complete purchase history.
  • Bring your existing customers list to Merits with easy CSV import.
  • Run a powerful & flexible loyalty rewards program and win their repeat business.
  • Increase customer retention, run your own loyalty program, boost your sales.
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An easy-to-use accounting software designed for individuals and businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow, allowing both small and large businesses to keep their books accurate and up to date through an easy to understand interface.

O-Impact's powerful features simplify the accounting issues faced by all businesses to manage their finances, tax dues, and tax deductions, ensuring that all books are in check and in order.

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Omega Software OTrack

Track your business anytime, anywhere

O-Track is a powerful mobile application designed for business owners that provides on-the-go access to important information and reports of all the outlets related to their business directly from the palm of their hand. Among the many capabilities of the app, O-Track allows business owners to Track their revenues and operating cost in real-time from anywhere around the globe through their mobile devices.

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Time And Attendance

Time And Attendance

Easily track time to streamline payroll

  • Time tracking, attendance and timesheets
  • Overtime calculations
  • Unlimited users
  • Track, submit and approve time directly from your POS
  • Understand your labor costs

Outstanding Support

The outstanding support you've always wanted

  • Unlimited support included
  • One-on-one onboarding session
  • Training videos, Webinars and demos
Outstanding Support

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