Omega Cloud POS

Point Of Sale, Reimagined

Operate at peak efficiency, turning tables faster by helping your staff meet your customers' demands, from ordinary requests to extraordinary orders.

Omega POS

Quick Service

Increase the volume of transactions by ensuring speed and quality of service to your customers. ----------------------------------

Table Management

Design your floor plan and rearrange it on the fly to enable seamless table service. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Manage your delicate delivery operation with ease. Deliver orders on time. Manage your fleet of drivers. Handle your customer's complaints. Accept online delivery orders directly to your POS.

Cloud Back office

Access your data anywhere, anytime. O-live gives you the flexibility of setting up your POS to work offline or cloud-connected.

Reporting & Analytics

Track your revenues and operating costs in real-time anywhere, anytime.

Menu Management

Build your menus based on ingredients, descriptions, and cooking instructions. Create your menu by categories, add multiple prices for each item and promote your sales.

Point Of Sale, What's In It ?

Omega Software Service

Quick Service

A service that can keep up with the pace and assist you in accelerating when speed of service is the core of your business.

  • Reduce wait times while boosting revenues.
  • Use any device to access your company insights on-the-go.
  • Staff, customer, revenue, margin, and stock reporting in real-time.
  • To keep the flow of orders going during peak times, take orders with a handheld device.
  • Check current inventory levels to ensure clients receive their orders promptly.
Omega Table reservations

Table Management

Design your floor plan and rearrange it on the fly to enable seamless table service.

  • Ensure a smooth guest experience with table transfer options.
  • Give guests the star treatment with reservations.
  • Control guest flow and grow revenue.
  • Increase table turns and get more customers outside of peak hours.
  • Increase customer retention, run your own loyalty program, boost your sales.
Table Reservation
Omega O-Driver


Get your restaurant delivery service online up and going in no time.

  • Manage your delicate delivery operation with ease
  • Customer information and order history
  • Customer preferences or recall last orders
  • Automated SMS Confirmation with a link to track order status
  • Have your own online delivery page and receive orders commission-free
  • Receive online delivery orders from other delivery channels directly to you POS
Omega Cloud-based POS

Cloud Back Office

Hold the reins of all your outlets centrally without the need of multiple logins. Manage inventory flow, manage user access, and keep an eye on your restaurant chain's success.

  • Boost the efficiency of your counter and table side service to better manage your business.
  • Get a daily summary at the end of each business day, view top selling items, and print sales reports.
  • Customize your menu and adjust prices from the restaurant - or from home - and it's available on all your devices with the touch of a button.
Omega Cloud-based POS
Reporting and Analytics

Reporting And Analytics

Providing you with accurate, up-to-date analytics to track your stocks and grow your margin.

  • Put an end to inventory theft, misuse, and shortage.
  • Keep track of your inventory goods in real-time.
  • Automate your purchasing and receiving processes.
  • Use menu engineering to increase profits.
O-live Omega pos

Menu Management

Create a digital menu experience that is ideal for clients, including showing popular item combinations and offering regional selections.

  • Build your menus based on ingredients, descriptions and cooking instructions to help new staff learn your menus fasters.
  • Use color-coded menus to highlight or promote sales of specific items
  • Set multiple price levels for each items
  • Set happy hour date and time for some items or your full menu
  • Mark items as out of stock
  • Create and manage multiple menus and menu categories
Menu Management

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